Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

What is a funeral Plan?

The Affinity Funeral Plan is an assistance policy, which works to pay out a specific benefit amount if someone on the plan has passed away, to cover the costs of the burial.

Who is covered?

The Affinity Funeral Full and Half cover options cover the main member, the spouse, and up to 5 children under the age of 18. To add children over the age of 18, it is important to give us a copy of the registration letter confirming the child is a full-time student.

You may also add extended family, like more children and other blood relatives, who will be covered with the Extended Family Benefit.

When submitting a claim what documents must I provide?

Email or fax these documents to claim benefits:

  • Affinity Funeral Claim Form
  • Department of Home Affairs BI 1663 Form
  • Certified copy of Death Certificate
  • Certified copy of Deceased ID
  • Certified copy of Policy Holder’s ID
  • Certified copy of Beneficiary’s ID
  • Certified copy of Beneficiary’s Bank Statement with bank stamp
  • Police Report form needed for Unnatural Deaths

How long does it take for a claim to be paid out?

Claims are paid out within 24 to 48 hours from the date all the documents have been received.

Will my premiums increase?

Affinity Funeral may increase the monthly premium once a year by sending you an SMS to let you know at least one month before it comes into effect.

What are the important terms and conditions?

As the policyholder of the Affinity Funeral Plan, it is important to know the following information:

  • You may cancel the policy within 31 days from the date of making application for it.
  • The policy lapses when the main member has passed away or if more than 2 premiums are not paid.
  • The policy will lapse if the main member does not pay the premium for 2 months in a row, and the policy can be reinstated with new waiting periods.
  • No premiums will be refunded where the policy lapsed due to unpaid premiums or the policy is cancelled after the first 31 days from the inception date of the policy.
  • We will let the main member know before the policy lapses.
  • If a policy lapses, you can reinstate your policy and you will start new waiting periods.

What are the responsibilities of Affinity Funeral?

It is important for the policy holder to read the terms and conditions and see for themselves if the product will meet their needs. The premium must be paid every month in advance and this premium is set by the cover option you have taken out, the age of the policy holder and other benefits selected. The policy provides a death benefit equal to the amount of cover chosen.

Make sure to read all the information about the cover option you have chosen, and the waiting periods applied to it. Affinity Funeral follows the principle of treating customers fairly. This has been put in practice through the Complaints Policy, which is available on request.

What does insurance mean?

  • Insurance is a financial plan which brings down the risk of losing money if something important to you might be damaged or lost. 
  • Think of a house that gets destroyed in a fire or washed away by floods.
  • Think of a car that is damaged in an accident.
  • The owner of the house or the car will pay an amount of money every month called a premium to a company, which will be called the Insurer.
  • Then, the Insurer will pay out a benefit to cover the costs for replacing the house or fixing the car according to a written agreement called the insurance policy. This type of insurance is called Short-Term insurance.
  • When someone dies, a loss is suffered. Debt needs to be paid and funeral costs need to be covered. You can take out insurance on your life, which will pay out should you die or become very sick and cannot work. This type of insurance is called life or Long-Term Insurance.
  • A funeral plan falls under a category called Assistance Policies, which is simply an insurance plan that pays out a lump sum to help you pay for the costs related to a funeral.

Why should I have a funeral plan?

  • No one likes to think about planning for old age, illness or death. But when the time comes, having everything in order can save your loved ones a lot of worry and additional stress.

Is there a maximum entry age?

  • The Affinity Funeral Plan offers cover to all South Africans between the ages of 18 and 75 on the next birthday

Who can claim on my Funeral Plan?

  • If the policy holder passes away, the benefit can be claimed by the chosen beneficiary.
  • Should there be no nominated beneficiaries on the policy, the benefit is paid out to the spouse or closest relative on record.
  • If a dependent dies, the benefit will be paid to the policy holder.
  • Remember, it is important for the policy holder to leave clear instruction to the beneficiary on what to do in the event of a claim.

What do you mean by Accidental Death Benefit?

If death is caused by an accident, the policy pays out regardless of the waiting period. The accidental death benefit is not added to the normal death benefit. You may only claim the correct benefit that applies to the cause of death. The waiting period is only taken away when you claim the Accidental Benefit.

Does Affinity Funeral have a cash back plan?

Affinity Funeral pays out a benefit amount in the event of death of either the policy holder or insured dependants or extended family members. This means that, as an insurance product, we do not have a cash-back option and there is no such benefit on the Affinity Funeral Plans.

What happens to my cover when I die?

  • Should the policy holder pass away, the policy will be ended and a new policy must be opened for the surviving spouse or a member of age, who is able to take over the policy.
  • If one of the dependants die, the policy will continue at a changed premium with the same main member.
  • When the beneficiary passes away, there is no benefit to cover them, but a new beneficiary must be nominated and put onto the policy.

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